Relocation Guide for CERN


This page has been created for the US LHC Users Association by Tony Liss. It draws heavily on the extremely informative ATLAS “Coming to CERN” page created by Alexia Leyval. Thanks Alexia!

There are many other sources of helpful information. CERN has a comprehensive Newcomers Guide.

Also another excellent website is the Newcomer Welcome Center. See also the USCMS Twiki. Feedback and recent information are always welcome.

Orientation to CERN

Here is an orientation presentation for members of your group who are moving to or visiting CERN. This is based on a presentation given regularly at Duke and modified by ACCU and USLUA Exec Committee member Darin Acosta. Please let us know if you have updates or corrections, as information changes, though we will try to keep the info here current.

Visiting CERN – banking

For anyone visiting CERN short-term, as well as those in the process of moving here longer-term, there is a useful comparison here (done in October 2011) about ATM cards, credit cards, fees, and exchange rates.

Before coming to CERN

The CERN Bulletin from 20 September 2010 describes the visa situation for CERN visitors.

This has some further information about VISAS for France and Switzerland

Upon Arrival

Transport, registration at CERN, computing accounts


Short- and long-term accommodation, resources for furniture, cleaning, etc.


Public transportation, car rental and purchase, licenses, insurance


Emergencies, hospitals, insurance

Other Practical Information

Banking, leisure, kids, phone and internet, books, French lessons, taxes and more