Arriving at CERN

Transportation and getting on-site

Getting to CERN from the airport

Swiss buses and French bus line around Geneva

Further information about reaching CERN and other useful info when moving here

CERN Registration

Once arriving at CERN, please go to register at the Users’ Office in Building 61, R020, ground floor next to the main restaurant.

Computing Accounts

To obtain computing accounts, please contact the following for your experiment, or consult the CERN Phone Book.

ATLAS: Claire Gibon in 40-4-D01 Tel: +41 22 767 3448

For CMS see this page.

ALICE: Ulla Genoud in 301-R-029 Tel: +41 22 767 2771

LHCb: Nathalie Grub in 2-1-051 Tel: +41 22 767 9278