Minutes 12 May 2008

USLUEC meeting minutes from 12 May 2008.

Minutes of the USLUO Executive Committee
Meeting on 12 May 2008

Present: Albrow, Barnett, Clare, Dasu,
Green, Landsberg, Liss, Newman

I. Annual meeting

We decided on the LHC Users Meeting day, Friday Oct 24, 2008.

Dan will check with Fermilab about availability
of room and make arrangements.


  1. Foster. Kovar. Probably not Orbach as he
    is not going to be there for long. 
    We should invite all.  Probably
    not ask them all to talk.  Perhaps, a panel discussion.  Saul Gonzalez should also be included.  Similarly NSF people.
  2. Someone to help with lobbying.  Steve Pearson, Mike Lubell –  APS lobbying people.
  3. CERN
    users organization representative.
  4. Status on each of the experiment —
    expectations from LHC data.  Theory talk?
  5. Graduate student / postdoc on their work
    on LHC and their life at CERN.  (Identify people who can serve on Washington trips next
  6. SLHC should be a topic.

Agenda committee: Mike B, Greg L, Sridhara

Local committee: Dan Green with other
locals.  Will work with local members of the committee. Some talks in the morning FNAL time can be
live-fed to CERN.

Contents of First Message to Members etc.

  1. Announce meeting
  2. Point to Website
  3. Introduction and our Role
  4. Please Join USLUO
  5. DC trip plans

Website update

Peter Jacobs worked with Jen Nahn to put
together the information.

See Peter’s email for details.

We should make CERN
Guide more prominent.  Perhaps, call it “Guide to Living @ CERN”. 
Michael B is debugging this as a user of that website.

IV. Mailing to LHC users

USLUO Meeting announcement & Welcome
people to register for USLUO

membership (at www.usluo.org) and the
meeting itself

Email to

Dasu: How do we get hold of theorists
interested in USLHC program?

Perhaps, we can send the message through

Michael B: Please check.

V. Washington visit

Communication about Washington visit should be better.  Many emails were missed. There should be a single
person sending information to all. We will try to do a better job next

Graduate student and postdoc participation
in Washington
visit is important. 
We need to identify people and find funds for them.

Funding for Washington trip:  Collect voluntary contributions from the membership. 
Legal issues in setting up a non-profit which can lobby the congress may be too complicated.  Michael will check if APS will be willing to collect contributions on our
behalf.  APS/DPF already gave us ~$5000 this year, mostly supporting
senior people.

VI. Elections to the Executive Committee
for next year

Nominating committee: Bob, Tony.

Since there is no requirement in the
constitution that people cannot run again, we can allow for those with
1-year expiring terms to run for exec committee again.  The election should be conducted in the Summer and new members will join as of the
Oct 24 meeting.